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Oils and Acrylics

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Every color, every person has value

Colors, like people are unique in their own way. Each one has a certain value and understanding the relationship to one another is an important part of what you'll learn in class.

A good composition, like a happy life has a lot to do with balance

So much of what we love shapes us. I believe the energy of the artist is transferred into the work we produce, therefore we can study the thought process and learn personal life lessons each time we create something new on canvas.

Colors are the like people
All are different, some are brilliant, others calming, many dark and mysterious while others play off the other to create harmony and magic. When you really study color, you learn subtle differences in warm and cool color temperatures and figuring out how, where and when to apply them is vital to improving your paintings.

For example: You look at a color and say to yourself “wow that’s beautiful, I love that” or “this color is muted, dark, ugly or makes me feel certain emotions.

However when you paint, you'll need to draw the eye toward a certain area or focal point, so often times you’ll find yourself relying on those muted, greyed down or darker colors because they are the ones that help all the others pop. These are often the true heroes

in a painting.

We'll work together to identify key areas of contrast, mix and apply color to create mood, texture, atmosphere and excitement. As you work through these challenges on canvas, you'll discover a peaceful, relaxing and fun way to combat stress and come away with a  painting you will be proud of.

We study how to look at light, shadow and atmosphere and apply them in your painting. Look hard at complimentary colors and how they help make certain areas stand out or recede. Perhaps you’ll begin to look at adversity differently when you realize that we need the dark to understand light.

Its ok to be grey!
We will look at the importance of grey scale, blocking in the values first. Then we apply these principals to create beautiful paintings and a new perspective. The key is to have fun and enjoy the journey. 

For more information or to sign up for classes, follow me on Facebook, fill out the contact form on this website or phone 516-398-5549. 


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