Susan Gatti is a multi-disciplinary artist whose works includes oil and acrylic paintings, filmmaking and most recently figure sculpting. Her paintings are interesting studies of native NY environments ranging from long island beaches and parks to the hustle of New York City. 

"I paint scenes that have a certain energy about them and strive to bring light, color and atmosphere into people's homes" Gatti said. "Coastal scenes help people feel relaxed while cityscapes produce an unquenchable sense of excitement that many people  identify with".

No matter the subject, Gatti's work is about fleeting patterns of light, color and movement, each telling a different story. 

The rhythm of application and storytelling aspects in her paintings have become her signature style. 


As President of QUE Productions, Gatti and her team produce content for networks, corporations, commercial and documentary film productions.

Our passion is to create authentic, story-driven content. Please visit to learn more 


Inspired by classical figure sculptors, Gatti's recent work in clay includes anatomical studies of proportion, movement, form and function. She strives to capture the essence of beauty, love and simple emotion in her work as a sculptor.

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