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Every color, every person has VALUE.

Colors, like people, all have a place in the universe. Each one is unique, important and some are vital to what you are creating. They all have a value and understanding their relationship is step 1 in what I teach through painting.

A good composition, like a happy life has a lot to do with BALANCE.

So much of what we love shapes us. I believe the energy of the artist is transferred into the work itself… therefore we can study it and learn personal life lessons each time we create something new on canvas.

COLORS are the same as people.
All are different, some are brilliant, others calming, yet all are vital to a great work of art / a rewarding life.

For example: You look at a person and say to yourself “that’s beautiful, I love that one” or “ that one is boring, dull or even ugly” … perfectly normal right?

However when you paint, you’ll need to draw the eye toward certain key areas on the canvas. Often you’ll find yourself relying on those “unappreciated ” colors because they’re the ones that help all the other colors pop.

The same applies to LIFE. Not all colors (people) get the credit they deserve; you have to train your mind to see them and teach yourself to appreciate what they have to offer. Some may be the underdogs but very often they are the true heros in a painting. Learn how to find them, mix and apply them because they help your entire composition.

I am going to teach you how to look at light, shadow and atmosphere and use them to your advantage. Look hard at complimentary colors and learn how they help you make certain areas stand out or recede. Perhaps you’ll begin to look at adversity differently when you realize that we need the darks to understand light.

Its ok to be grey!
I will teach you about color and remind you to apply those principals to create a more rewarding life.

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